An Open Letter to the Republican Party

7 Feb

In 1988 I turned 18 and was able to vote for the first time. Like most young, first time voters, I really didn’t know a damn thing about the politics of the time. Quite honestly, I really didn’t care. I was 18. I only knew what I heard around the house, or the very little information I got from tv. All I knew was that everybody friggin’ loved Ronald Reagan and that the Republican nominee was his Vice President, George Bush. (That’s George Bush, without the H.W., because before his son became President nobody cared about that ‘middle name’ bullshit.) As I lived in Massachusetts, Michael Dukakis was a name I had also heard many times. Unfortunately, it was usually in a negative manner. I couldn’t tell you now what that negative info was, but I knew I had heard it. Therefore, it was very clear to me that I was going to help keep the Reagan train going and give my support to the Republican nominee. Bush got my vote based on this very naïve criteria. Low and behold, he won the election and I thought I was a genius. To this day, I am still happy with that vote.

In the year or so leading up to the 1992 election my knowledge about the politicians was definitely better, but hardly good. I was somewhat satisfied with Bush, but as a 21 year old I was finding him a little old and not completely in touch with my way of thinking. Then along comes this younger, more charismatic politician, who I could relate to more. Popping up on a new MTV show called Rock-The-Vote, he was talking to young people about what was important to them. Wait? What? You want to know what I think? How cool. The next thing you know he is playing the saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show. Holy shit! This dude is awesome. Of course, it is completely ridiculous to base a vote for President solely on whether you think a candidate is ‘hip’, but at 21 years old it was definitely playing a major factor. I had officially decided the man for the job was Bill Clinton, and he got my vote. Low and behold, he won the election and I thought I was a genius. To this day, I am still happy with this vote

4 years later we were at it again. This election was hardly what I would call a difficult decision. The Republican nominee was just another old white guy with a messed up hand who talked weird, and the incumbent was the ever so cool William Jefferson Clinton. (Oh yeah. He had earned middle name status by now.) There isn’t too much I can say about this one. Clinton had my vote all day. Low and behold, he won the election and I knew I was a genius, and yes, I am still happy with this vote. ;-)

As the election of 2000 drew near, and the nominees were set, I had fully planned on using the same formula I had used for my very 1st election. Keep the Clinton train rolling and vote for Al Gore. However, something strange happened on the way to the election. I didn’t really like him. He seemed like a nice enough guy, with great ideas, but he was so damn dull and boring. Meanwhile, the Republican nominee was kind of a ‘one of us’ type of guy. He was a little dopey, but he was also witty and normal. Again, someone a little more relatable for the average citizen. When it came time to cast my ballot, it went to George W. Bush. (This is when all the ‘middle name’ bullshit started) Low and behold, he won the election (because of his brother, Jeb) and I was again, a genius. I am still happy with this vote………barely.

Then came 2004. The country was still recovering emotionally from the events of 9/11, and the man who had been President during the whole ordeal had acted exactly the way every American wanted him act. He took the fight to the bad guys, and put the world on notice that “If you weren’t with us, you were against us!” We applauded him for being a little bit of a cowboy, because we all wanted revenge. This was his badge of honor (and we fell for it. Hook, line and sinker). To me, it didn’t matter who the other guy was (Kerry), I was voting for the badass who was taking no shit. Low and behold, he won the election and I thought I was a genius. I was not. I am not happy about this vote. Not one bit!

Now we get to 2008. The year of Hope & Change. As much as I was pissed about the Bush years, I was still willing to at least give a Republican a chance to redeem the party…….slightly. Admittedly, I was pretty confident that I would vote Democrat in this election, but I wasn’t completely closed minded about it. As much as I liked Barack Obama, I was also skeptical of his experience. He was smart as a whip, and said all the right things, but I still had my reservations. That was until the Republican nominee, John McCain, picked his running mate. Sarah Palin? Are you fucking kidding me? I would have been a better choice than this woman. This, in my opinion, is the day the train officially went off the tracks for the Republican party. I don’t care what bullshit story they want to tell you, this choice was made solely as an attempt to garner favor with all the female independent voters who were disappointed when Hilary Clinton didn’t get the Democratic nomination. This was the single biggest factor in my decision to vote for Obama. Low and behold, he won the election and I was a genius yet again. Although I am not completely thrilled with all his decisions, I am still happy with this vote.

Then comes the most recent election in 2012. An election that I am fully up to speed on. I know the candidates. I know their platforms. I also know the distain that now exists between the parties. Nobody wants to help anybody. Although I believe Mitt Romney to be as good a man as a politician can be (let’s face it, they all suck), he has unfortunately been hijacked by the extremists (Tea Party) of his party, and is running on a platform that is completely dictated by an utterly out of touch group of morons. For crying out loud, his incumbent opponent passed the most comprehensive health reform law in history, based almost entirely on his own successful plan in Massachusetts, and after applauding the bill he was forced to rail against it because showing any confidence in President Blacula was against EVERYTHING the Tea Party stood for. For 4 years the Republicans spent every waking moment trying to find a way to make Obama a one term President, instead of actually doing their jobs and trying to make the United States a better place. In the end, all the mud slinging and scandal creating just made the Republicans look weak. As did all the religion based ignorance towards abortion and gay marriage. Naturally, my vote went to re-elect President Obama. Low and behold, he won the election. An election, that in my opinion, was a far bigger victory than becoming the first black President. This victory said that most Americans DID NOT believe all the bullshit that was coming from the right, because if they did he would have NEVER won. Instead, he destroyed Romney, and I am a genius yet again. Do you see a pattern here? I am still extremely happy with this vote.

Now you might ask yourself why I spent so much time describing every election I have had the chance to vote in. I did so to make the point that I have ALWAYS been an Independent voter. In case you didn’t notice, I have voted in 7 Presidential elections and my votes have gone R, D, D, R, R, D, D. I picked all the winners by the way. How many of you out there, who constantly talk shit about Obama, and how he is the worst President ever, can say they have voted half their elections for the Democratic nominee? Probably not many. Well guess what? I support our President, and with the exception of the 2004 re-election of George W. Bush, I have zero problem with the votes I cast for previous Republican Presidents. However, as long as the Republican party continues down the road they are on, I will NEVER vote for their party again. Furthermore, I will tell you exactly why they will not see the White House ever again if they don’t wise up. The reason is simple: Civil liberties.

Virtually every American agrees that our government is broken. We spend too much on shit we shouldn’t, and we spend too little on shit we desperately need. The deficit is crazy. The budget is crazy. The fiscal cliff is crazy. Everything to do with money is crazy. Both parties agree on this, and both sides have differing opinions on how to fix it. It makes no difference what ‘team’ your on, all Americans want these problems fixed……..immediately! But here’s where the real problem is for the Tea Party run, Republican party. Listen close, righties, because this is the only info you need if you want any chance of winning a Presidential election ever again. Forget about all that budget shit and start getting yourself on the right side of the civil liberties issues, because this is the main reason you are losing in the big dance. No matter how much a candidate, or party, thinks they have the solution for budget or deficit issues, most of the American people really have no idea who’s plan will really work. This is because it is far too big for any average person to understand, and people just end up endorsing the plan set forth by ‘their’ party. However, the one thing the average American does understand is when one party wants to deny their gay uncle the right to get married, or their wife/daughter the right to an abortion. These are real world things that average Americans DO understand and DO base their votes on. Until you start getting on the right side of the issues that real Americans can relate to, you have no chance of holding the highest office in the land ever again. Stop letting ultra-rightwing, religious nuts, dictate your platforms. I have always appreciated being an Independent voter because I have never been bound by any one party. This is the way every person in this country should be. To me, anyone who considers themselves a staunch Republican or Democrat, is only a staunch moron. No party has it right all the time. Sometimes one side has the answers and sometimes the other side does. But while voters are trying to decide who has it right in 2016, the one thing that can be a deal breaker is when you are promoting something that most Americans understand completely and don’t agree with. All the rest is just white noise. I would greatly appreciate it if you would get your heads out of your asses, tell the Tea Party to fuck off, and start getting back to debating the things we all need to understand better and just agree to agree on the things that most Americans already want in the first place. You are your own worst enemy right now, and I am tired of having only one choice.

Blowing Off Some Steam.

12 Nov

Man, do I have some shit I need to get off my chest, and it’s not politics, religion or sports. It’s political correctness, and it’s making me insane. I’m not talking about crap like calling an Asian woman, Oriental, which you shouldn’t do by the way, or the insanity of the over-offended women calling for Conan O’Brien’s head over a Muslim superhero tweet last week. No! What I’m tired of is the shit that society has convinced everybody is not cool and we have just accepted, or the things that the vocal minority complain about and we just give in to, all the while filling up our drool cups in our ever expanding vanilla lives. It has gotten out of control and I can’t take it anymore. So grab a glass of something. Light a little something else. Take a seat and buckle up, ’cause I got some not-so-politically correct shit to say.

First up:

I’m tired of hearing that “real beauty is on the inside”. That’s bullshit. Feelings, emotions, and concerns for your fellow man are on the inside. Beauty is PRIMARILY something you can see with your eyes. Inner beauty is a politically correct term used to make the less physically beautiful people of the world feel better about themselves. I’m not saying that inner beauty is not important or that the media doesn’t portray an unrealistic image of what women should look like, because they do. I’m just saying that society has somehow decided that wanting to be more beautiful is somehow shallow, and that it shouldn’t matter. Listen, I fully understand that if Jessica Beal was a complete racist bitch, I would find her slightly less appealing, but it wouldn’t change the fact that she would still be smokin’ hot. Conversely, Madeline Albright may be the awesomest, most amazingly wonderful, sugar plum fairy caring person on Earth, but she is still ugly as hell. Beauty is a tangible thing. We need not know what is on the inside of a rose to know it is beautiful, so why are people any different? What, because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings? Really? The only reason people’s feeling get hurt in the first place is because they have become softer due to the fact that we don’t let anyone hurt their feelings anymore. Ya feel me? Moreover, talking about what makes a woman ‘look’ beautiful has become a no-no for men, in exactly the same way that a white person cannot use the N word, but black people can. Women can talk about it all they want, but the second a man says that a woman could look better if she changed ‘this’, he becomes a sexist. “A woman doesn’t have to change her appearance for a man” is usually the quick response. This statement is absolutely correct. Disingenuous, but correct. I don’t have to lose weight to get a woman, but the pool from which I have to choose from will certainly increase if I am in better shape. While the ugly people of the world cry about inner beauty, and the ‘politically correct’ gorgeous people of the world agree, the simple fact is this……If you could snap your fingers right now and look like Giselle, Beyonce or J-Lo or Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Shamar Moore, you would do it in a New York second, and you’re a liar or a hater or if you say otherwise. I understand that there is more to a person than what’s on the outside, but stop acting like what is on the outside can’t be improved. When 2 people stand next to each, and you can clearly tell that one is more beautiful than the other, it doesn’t make someone an asshole for recognizing it. It also means it is ok to say that Kate Hudson looks much better now that she FINALLY got implants. Get over it!!!!

Next up:

I am tired of the non-racists of the world, the level headed folk if you will, feeling the need to go over and above to show how truly non-racist they are, by making such ridiculous remarks like, “I don’t see color. I just see people as people.” This is the stupidest statement EVER! Do you also not see gender? Or age? Or height? Gimme a friggin’ break. NEWS FLASH: We All See Color. It is one of the many things on the list of attributes that make us all unique. Acting like it doesn’t exist to somehow validate your own conscience is idiotic at best. Stop doing it right now. Better yet, stop thinking that you need to do it. You don’t. No black person alive will ever be happy when you make that comment. Trust me. I have first hand knowledge. Furthermore, enough with African-American. Another term that is useless. No normal black person has a problem with being referred to as a black person. This is yet another “Please know, I’m not a racist” term that is so ridiculous that even intelligent black people use it, even though it holds no weight with them. That is the ultimate political correctness gone amuck.

Last, but not least:

Enough with all the caving in to this group and that group during the holidays about what we can and can’t do to celebrate the greatest friggin’ day of the year. 95% of Americans celebrate Christmas, including atheists, so stop feeling the need to make the small minority happy. In a country where a 55% approval rating can get Washington to make something a law, why the hell are we shying away from something that virtually every single American wants? It is ridiculous. Now, as a firm believer in the seperation of church and state, I completely understant the argument from a legal standpoint, but come on. Nobody is trying to infringe on anyone elses rights or beliefs. Hell, Christmas in this country stopped being about the birth of Christ a long, long time ago. That ship has sailed. Yet every year, some other ass munch, with nothing better to do, has to come out of the woodwork and say, “Look at me, world. I’m the asshole who has so little faith in my own religion, that I can’t let my child be exposed to this awesome holiday for fear that he may convert.” So, in true all-American, don’t offend anyone fashion, we let the majority of the people suffer for the benefit of the few. For cryin’ out loud, I’m an atheist and these people anger me to no end. Please stop letting such a small minority dictate what we can and can’t do in this country. That goes for the NRA too, but I said no politics, so I’ll leave that alone. Rant over. Chick out! :-)

How Did I Get Here?

29 Aug

In life, we all make certain choices that have a huge impact on our lives……Buy this house or that house? Take this job or the other job? Marry someone or stay single? Etc, etc, etc. Most of us weigh all the pros and cons related to these types of decisions and make the choice that we feel is best for our future, and our lives. Sometimes, down the road, we look back on these choices and feel great about the path it took us down. Other times you may have a reason to feel regret for your decision. Either way, good or bad, it is clear that the decisions of today will stay with you forever.

Then there are other life decisions that are more fluid. Not cut and dry, but gradual. In a lot of cases they are more morally or socially conscious decisions…..Do I support gay marriage? Do I believe in god? Am I a liberal or a conservative? Batman or Iron Man?

Wait. What? Who put that in there?   ;-)

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes the important choices we make in life are choices of the heart, and they don’t always happen overnight. Sometimes it takes years to develop. However, they have the same ability to change the course of your life forever.

For me, one of those choices has been my outspoken support of LGBT rights. I’m not 100% sure why it has become so important to me though. I’m not gay. I don’t have any gay relatives. I really never even had any close friends that were gay, before I became vocal on the topic. I have lots now. Yet somehow, I have made a choice to make my position known as publicly as I can. This isn’t a decision that I thought about for a little while and then said, “I want to be a booming voice for the gay community!” It was just an evolution of me, as a person, and I feel like it has put me on a path that I didn’t expect. As a result, I find that I am asking myself, WHY? Why do I feel the need to do it, and why am I so personally affected by this decision?

Most guys don’t want, or like, to admit that they are sensitive to the plight of others. Sure, they’ll say they care, and they may very well mean it, but do they cry when they think about the struggles of people they don’t know? I do…..all the time. Admittedly, not in front of other people, but I definitely cry.

Whenever I hear about another teen suicide as a result of being bullied for being gay, or for being in ‘a closet’ that they are too afraid to ‘come out’ of. I can’t even comprehend that kind of pressure. The whole world is heterosexually designed. I don’t mean designed by heterosexuals, I mean designed FOR heterosexuals. Every single person on Earth, gay or straight, man or woman, is born to desire other people. Your feelings for one sex outweigh your feelings for the other sex. These feelings begin at a very young age, even though you may not be able to put those feelings to work until you get a little older. However, before you even begin to truly understand why you are ‘drawn’ to a certain sex, you are completely overloaded with information that tells you that person is supposed to be the opposite sex. How incredibly confusing has that got to be for a gay kid? Nobody who is straight could possibly relate…….EVER!   When I take the time to imagine it, it makes me sad beyond words. Nobody should have to go through that. Most certainly not a child.

I also get angry, too. A lot. Maybe, because at the root of my support, is the utter contempt I have for anyone who hates, belittles or in any way tries to oppress any one else because they are different. It pisses me off something fierce. I know we all want a kumbaya world where we turn the other cheek when faced with ignorance, but sometimes I wonder if knocking out a few assholes here and there wouldn’t be more effective. What if every time a report came out that two bigoted jackwads nearly beat a gay guy to death, we get to round up 3 of their like minded friends, throw them in a hole about 15′ deep, and bury them in glitter, until they suffocate? You know, the whole, “You put one of ours in the hospital, we put one of yours in the morgue” thing.  A little unrealistic, I know, but you get my frustration. I know that hate is at the root of all evil, but if you hate the haters, doesn’t it cancel itself out, and then it’s ok? I don’t know, but that’s the theory I wish to endorse. However, all I’m thinking about right now is whether the glitter reference was too cliche? Probably, but guess what? I can make that joke and not get criticized because stereotypical jokes are funny when you know the person is not being malicious. Nobody who knows me would ever accuse of that. Well, maybe one guy, but he’s just an asshole.

Ultimately, there really is no clear cut reason that I have chosen this path, but it is one that I walk proudly. It is also one that I will likely walk down more loudly in the future. I appreciate the positive feedback that I get from the others out there who care just as much but are more geared to walk the quieter path. As long as your on it, you’re all good with me, and if you’re not, beware.


I Believe, But I Have No Faith

9 Jul



1. An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.

2. Something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction.

Seems like a pretty simple word with a very straightforward definition. However, it really isn’t that simple, is it? As I read this definition I couldn’t help but notice the synonyms that were listed below it. Words like PERSUASION, TRUST, CREDENCE & CONFIDENCE, and of course…..FAITH. The siamese twin of BELIEF. Wherever you find one, you will almost certainly find the other, which is probably why they are the first synonyms listed on each others definitions. They are The Wonder Twins…minus the monkey. They are virtually interchangeable, although by definition, they have one big difference. That difference, is the mention of God.



1. Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

2. Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

As an atheist I struggle on a daily basis with the words I choose, in certain situations. ‘God bless you’, for example. I say it all the time, although usually just ‘bless you’. Mainly because I don’t want to be impolite. I did say ‘May science illuminate you’ for awhile, but it only confused people, and down here in bible thumping country it only created drama, so I discontinued that practice. ‘Oh my God’ is another phrase that’s hard to remove from my vernacular. ‘Good Lord’, ‘Thank God’, ‘God damn it’ and so on, and so on. There are so many common uses for the word God in our everyday speak, that I can’t even remember them all. I constantly find myself trying in vain, to remove the word God from my everyday vocabulary, but it is virtually impossible. It’s probably going to take ‘an act of God’……………SHIT!  See what I mean?

This brings me to BELIEF. A word that I have no intention of removing from my brain, and a word that I wish the religious of the world would leave alone. I never use the word FAITH. Ever. This is because it is always associated with God. It makes no difference if it is actually being used in that context, it still rings a tiny bell in the back of everyone’s head that conjures up the idea of God. BELIEF does not have that same effect, because from a religious standpoint, FAITH covers it pretty well. Do I need to remind you?

2. Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

The real interesting thing is that the word BELIEF is in the definition for FAITH, CONFIDENCE, and TRUST, Although FAITH is the only one described as a ‘strong’ belief. Why does this belief need to be so strong? Is it because it’s the one that requires the most suspension of rational thought?

“This is the craziest shit ever laid upon the human brain, and hasn’t got a single shred of evidence to support it so my belief in it is going to have to be real strong, because if I hadn’t been indoctrinated into this when I was a stupid child, I would never believe it.”

Does that about sum it up? I think it does. BELIEF is BELIEF. It doesn’t need to be firm or strong because whether you want to admit it or not, real BELIEF is something we embrace after we have established a few facts. You know what those are, don’t you? Those things you use to make an educated decision.

—-The Sox got rid of Bobby Valentine, hired John Farrell, moved some key players and acquired a few others and I believe they are going to have a good year this year.—-

See that? I took some real world facts and developed a BELIEF based on those facts. FAITH is a thought process in which facts play zero part in the decision. This is why these words need to break free from each other so that those of us in the world who like to operate in a fact based environment, can do so without using a word that the religious have hijacked. BELIEF & FAITH need to go to the finest dictionary hospital in the world and have an operation to separate themselves from each other, and be allowed to live independently of one another. We have the technology. We can do it. We can make these two words far stronger and more powerful than they have ever been before. Oh, who am I kidding. I don’t believe that for a second.

Be Your Own Kinda Fan

16 May

Flergs_SF_KIT600-3There are very few things in life that are more difficult, emotionally, than being a sports fan. The highs and lows that come from giving your heart to a team that can’t possibly live up to the burden of being successful every single game of every single season. Yet, even when equipped with this knowledge we still ignore it when we “think” the team isn’t living up to “our” expectations. We cheer success. We lament defeat. Most importantly, we share these feelings with every other sports fan we know, even if they are not a fan of the same team. It is exhausting, to say the least.

Now, with the explosion of social media, like twitter and Facebook, all the stages of emotion get expressed in real time. Your team just scored? Quick. Grab your phone and show the world, and your “followers” that you were watching. Type the name of the player who scored, in all caps, with a bunch of exclamation points. Better yet, just write GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAL! across your screen. Then sit back and watch all your peeps ‘like’ or retweet your comment. It’s a whole new level of fandom, and we ALL love doing it. It makes us feel like we are all in the same room. Perfect.

However, there is also a negative consequence to all this real time emotion being expressed on social media. The haters will use it against you every chance they get. If you brag when your team is winning, you better hope they don’t blow it or you will take a beating for it. If your team is playing like shit, you better keep it to yourself because if they come back and win, and you celebrate the victory, the criticism will be heavy. Worst offense of all is those peripheral fans, who say anything positive about a team that is having success in the post season. The hater can’t pull the word ‘bandwagon’ out of their back pocket fast enough. Which is the biggest hypocrisy of all. Calling people out for talking too much, but then name calling those who have said very little until the most important time.

In the world of “haterdom”, emotion is apparently not allowed. At least not publicly, because that means you may have to answer for your comments. Ironically, the only people you are answering to are the ones who are too afraid to let their feelings be known. That’s why haters suck so bad. They are not true sports fans. They are like Internet trolls. They definitely don’t practice what they preach. They’re just not going to allow themselves to be called out on the fact that they are thinking exactly the same thing that you are posting. If you haven’t got the balls to put yourself out there, with the rest of the sports fans, than you’re not my kind of fan.

For me, I’ll ride with the ones who wear their hearts on their sleeves……………..publicly. The ones who aren’t afraid to be wrong. The ones who truly get the chance to cheer success, or suffer the pain of failure……TOGETHER! That is the sports fan I am, and the one I want to be associated with.

Be Mindful

18 Feb

imageWhen I logged onto my blog this morning, I was really trying to figure out what I wanted to write about, because it had been so long since I’d written anything. I bounced around and looked at my stats page, which tells me how many views each blog gets. Then I looked at some comments I hadn’t read yet. Hell, I even decided to read a couple of older blogs just to see what I was babbling about a year ago. None of these things was helping, in any way, to produce a topic for me to write about. Then I clicked on a tab that showed me where, in the world, my readers were from…………I was stunned. My blogs have been read in over 80 countries worldwide, from the big ones to the small ones. I had no idea. Naturally, the bulk of my viewership is the U.S., but Canada and the U.K. are representing well, too. However, even though the bottom 20 countries may have only 1 or 2 views, the very idea that anyone in Nigeria, Lithuania or Sri Lanka is actually reading my blog is astonishing. This information led me to write this blog today.

Every single time I sit down to write a blog I inevitably ask myself, “Is anybody going to care at all about what I have to say today?” Admittedly, I don’t think I really care, but I still ask myself anyway. Truth is, I probably do this more for myself than I do for the reader. I’m not sure if that’s selfish or not, but it is the way my brain works. Of course, by the time I’m done, I usually sit back, read the thing a few times and think to myself that I really do hope I have in someway touched the person who has read it, whether through thought-provoking commentary or just plain humor and sarcasm. Either way, I am most happy to know that I have been able to express an opinion I have, and there is no denying how much I like to do that. ;-)

All that being said, this recent discovery, of where my readership is coming from, has made me feel a little different about what I should be writing, and how I should be writing it. I know that I need to continue appealing to the largest portion of my readers, but I also need to recognize the smaller portion, too. This is not to say that I am going to stop writing about things that I find funny or unjust or stupid, but it will make me more aware about the people who may be reading it and how they may view those opinions based on the culture that they live in. This may sound a little odd coming from me, but I really do think we should all be slightly more careful with the things we say or write. Yes, I mean you, tweeters. It may seem harmless to tell your buddy about the 72oz steak you tried to eat, but couldn’t, so you gave the leftovers to your dog Duke, but wouldn’t you feel a little shitty telling that story in front of a starving homeless man? I think so.

The same applies here. Making light of some things may be funny in private or similar company, but knowing that not everyone who reads my blog would be considered similar company, makes me take pause about what I may or may not say in the future. Again, don’t think that this is going to make my topics more vanilla or dull, just that they will be written with more thought, and how could that be bad? I look forward to it.

Thanks again, to all my readers, near and far. Sorry I haven’t been writing more often. I’m working on it. Much love.

Gone, But Not Forgotten 2012

11 Jan

Another year has passed and it always makes me think of the people we have lost. I think 2012 had more recognizable names than any year I can remember. From major heavyweights like Dick Clark to American heroes like Neil Armstrong. Music icons like Etta James and Marvin Hamlisch, as well as television icons like Larry Hagman, Mike Wallace and Andy Griffith. Although this is only a portion of the well known people to have died in 2012, I would like to take a minute to mention just a few more who’s passings meant a little more to me, personally.

Whitney Houston: What can I say here. This woman was the single greatest female solo artist of my generation. Her voice was magical. Whether it was up tempo dance music or slow love songs, you just had to listen. She was that good. She appealed to men and women of all ages and races. Just like Michael Jackson, her later years were filled with drama. Drug use, arrests, rehab and reality tv were all on the menu. Just like Michael Jackson, we looked past all of it, and just like Michael Jackson, we weren’t completely shocked when we heard the news. For me, I was in my car. I sat there thinking how bummed I was. Then, like every other radio station, they played a Whitney song and I shed a few tears. She was amazing. No doubt about it. She will be missed.

Tony Scott: This may seem like an odd choice but to any guy who is a fan of ‘guy’ movies, this dude was king. Top Gun, Days of Thunder, True Romance, Enemy of the State and Man on Fire, just to name a few. He made cool movies that every guy wanted to see. Next time you go on IMdB, look at all the movies he directed and see if there’s any that you have NOT seen. We may never know the real reason he chose to take his life, but it really is too bad. At least his movies will live on. They certainly will in my house.

Junior Seau: Beast. A pure beast. Definitely one of the 10 greatest linebackers to ever play the game. More likely top 5. Even before he came to New England I was a huge fan of his game. He just always seemed to know where to go to get the man with the ball, in the quickest time possible. A true leader, and by all reports, a terrific human being. Well loved by everyone who knew him. Due to his immense fame and popularity, his death kicked open a door that was only barely cracked, and 20 years from now it may be cited as the jumping off point for true improvements to safety in the NFL. Let’s hope so.

Steve Sabol: Make no mistake about it people, this guy is single handedly responsible for the success of the NFL. Steve Sabol was the Steven Spielberg of sports filming. He did something with NFL football games that was previously unthinkable….approach every game like a dramatic film. Now it’s common place in every game we watch. He had a vision, and he made that vision a reality. NFL Films is iconic and its narrator, John Facenda, provided us with such well known sayings as “The frozen tundra of Lambau Field.” He put cameras everywhere, and mics on whoever he could. He turned an NFL game into an Oscar worthy film. A pure genius and visionary. He may be gone, but his legacy will never die.

Adam Yauch: This one I still can’t believe. Not because he died unexpectedly, but because he was one of the guys I grew up with. Not literally, of course, but it almost feels that way. The Beastie Boys were one of the most influential groups in hip hop history, and probably in music as a whole. Run DMC and Aerosmith may have brought ‘the game’ to white kids, but the Beastie Boys brought white kids TO ‘the game’. Long before 3rd Base, Vanilla Ice, Y.B.T. and Eminem, the Beastie Boys were smashing down the walls of a black dominated genre. At the helm of the group was Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch. My favorite. Not sure why. Maybe because he and I share the same birthday, August 5th. Maybe because he just looked like the most normal one in the group. However, the most likely reason was that he’s the one responsible for the line ‘like a lemon to a lime, a lime to a lemon, I sip the def ale with all the fly women.’ Awesome. He went on to accomplish so much more than just success in music, but for me it will always be about the Beastie Boys days and MCAAAAAAAAY.


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