Today, Was a Good Day

On the day that the abomination, known as “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” came to an end, I sat and watched an HBO documentary that chronicled the process that brought us to this day. It was very eye opening to see first hand, the measures that people like John McCain would go to, to prevent the repeal of this rediculous policy. To trot out polls, that somehow claim that openness in the military is bad for morale, is beyond ludicrous. Especially when almost all the people polled were old, retired military men. Then, when similar polls of many more, active duty, personnel said exactly the opposite, Mr. McCain just left the room. Then to suggest that we should allow our military men and women to vote about whether or not to repeal the policy is just plain stupid. If they vote that they do not want gays, serving openly, in the military then I guess they should be able to vote that they don’t want to go to Iraq. Better yet, they could vote that they don’t want blacks in the military. Right? Oh no, of course not. That would be a violation of their civil rights. So, why is that fact so quickly dismissed when it comes to gays? Why are their civil rights less important? The reason is not a popular one, but it IS the reason. RELIGION!

Now, I’m in no way suggesting, that every religious person in America, is anti-gay. I am, however, saying that virtually all anti-gay people in this country, feel the way they do because of their religious beliefs. Beliefs, that in no way, should have any bearing on the laws or policies, of this country. Separation of church and state, remember. Yet, those very beliefs are the only reason why gays and lesbians, are the one segment of our population, whose civil rights are being violated everyday, legally.

The very concept, that a certain segment of the population cannot get married, or be themselves while fighting to defend this country, or sit bedside while their loved one is dying, is completely unconscionable. Imagine telling two black people they could not get married. Hell, what if all Asians had to disguise themselves as whites, if they wanted to join the service. The outrage would be unbelievable.

However, being gay is different because it’s “a sin.” Oh my, a sin? Say it ain’t so. Well, actually, it ain’t so, but that’s a whole other argument, and that blog will be VERY long. However, keeping with this argument, let’s just say it is a sin. Why is this the one that is so bad that your rights are taken away from you? Murder is a sin, AND a crime, yet even if you go to jail you can still get married. In certain cases, murderers have been allowed to leave the prison to see a loved one before they die. These people have KILLED someone and they still have more rights than gays and lesbians. That is insane.

I recently read a blog about a battle going on in North Carolina as it relates to gay rights, and although it was a fantastic read, I found the comments section to be extraordinarily disturbing. Most comments were very positive, but the negative ones were purely nonsensical. The one that stuck out the most was when someone said “that it didn’t matter if homosexual behavior was just as common in the animal kingdom, because humans are more evolved, intellectualy, and should know better.” WHAT?????? Are you friggin’ kidding me? Hey, I know that I love twinkies, but seeing that they will make me fat, I better not eat them because I “know better.” Novel concept, but guess what? I STILL LOVE TWINKIES!!! Likewise, people will still be gay.

The real problem, in the end, is the utter refusal of the close minded, to admit that another one of their sacred beliefs is wrong. Depriving any human being the right to do the same things that the rest of us do, just because of “your” beliefs, is outright criminal. There are only two things in this country that people will not openly admit in a crowd full of strangers. Being gay, or being a bigot. What does that say about us, as a society? I’m not sure, but it isn’t good. Until the day comes when people realize that being gay is not a “choice”, nothing will change. Ultimately, what I have come to realize is this. I am willing to have a differing opinion, on a multitude of subjects, but this one is absolute. If you believe that being gay is a choice, and a disgusting one at that, then we cannot be friends. PERIOD. I will not allow utter ignorance to infiltrate my life. Here’s hoping I have the friends that I think I have.


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5 thoughts on “Today, Was a Good Day

  1. “There are only two things in this country that people will not openly admit in a crowd full of strangers.”

    Amongst those, on a personal level, it’s hard to openly admit in front of strangers that I’m a Raiders fan.

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