Why I Should Be President of the United States

It has always been said, that the great thing about this country, is that anyone can become President. In recent years, the joke has been that even a dope, like George W. Bush, did it. Now that Barack Obama is President, the minority bubble has been popped, and the statement continues to hold true. But the fact is, it’s not true, is it? Not just anyone can become the leader of this country. The common man in America will NEVER be President, and what makes it worse, is the fact that this country is 90% common man. Yet, we continue to elect people who are not the common man. People who don’t know anything about the REAL world of everyday Americans. Even the few politicians, who did have it hard coming up, always find a way to forget their pasts. Ultimately, this results in service that is not in the best interest of the people. You know, the 90%. This needs to change, and I am the man for the job.

If I am to get your support, I need to tell you a little about myself, and what my stances are on certain subjects. First and foremost, I am an atheist. This, in no way, means that I do not respect the beliefs or opinions of believers, it just means that I will never let religious ideas shape my decisions. Just a clear mind about right and wrong. This country is supposed to have a seperation of church and state, yet so many laws in America have no other basis than religious ideologies. Marriage is marriage. Plain and simple. It is a legal bond, between two people. It makes no difference what the bible or “your” church says, because both of them should have ZERO jurisdiction over the laws of this country and more importantly, how a person should lead it.

Secondly, I have enjoyed the pleasures and elevated thinking, that comes with smoking marijuana. Hell, who hasn’t? Guess what? It didn’t make me commit any crimes, and it didn’t lead to worse drugs. We spend over 25 billion dollars per year, on the “drug war.” What a waste of money. People with drug problems need the same type of help that alcoholics need. However, the rest of the country is living responsibly, and causing no danger to anyone. Furthermore, instead of wasting the taxpayers money, trying to prevent drug use, how about making some money from it? I am definitely for things that would increase federal revenue. Especially when that revenue comes in direct relation to the money we waste trying not to make money. Huh? You know what I’m saying. As your President, I will legalize and regulate, marijuana. It is far less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol, and it would be an enourmous job creator, and even bigger revenue generator for the government. However, the penalties for drugs such as heroin, ecstasy, and meth, will be increased, as they fall into a category of drug that, in my opinion, is too addictive to do responsibly.

Next piece of information is that I am a white man, married to a black woman, and we have two children. In addition, I have a 17 year old son with a woman I was never married to. How’s that for some real world family life. I know what it’s like to go to custody hearings, pay child support, deal with the Department of Social Services, and live 1100 miles away from a child. With all due respect to the hard working single mothers of the world, the time has come for good men to stop being screwed by the system as it relates to their kids and child support. A man should not have to jump through hoops to see his kids, and no man on Earth should be required to pay large amounts of money, in child support, just because he has a lot more than the mother. This also holds true in a divorce. Why should any man or woman, have to pay huge sums of money, to a spouse who didn’t create or earn any of it. It’s wrong, and changes need to be made. These are real world issues, that need to be addressed. As your President, I will.

Our troops need to come home. All of them. If we took all the money we spend on our military abroad, and invested it in the protection of our own land, this country would be impenetrable. This country was created as a free society on the shoulders of people who were willing to sacrifice their own lives for freedom. This same thing is happening now, in places like Egypt and Lybia. If the people of Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t willing to fight for themselves, than that is their problem. It will be the policy of my administration that we will no longer assist any foreign countries who aren’t willing to make sacrifices themselves. Our troops are not expendable. Period.

I recently read that we have enough oil in our reserves to sustain everything in this country for 10 years. That means we have 10 years to figure out how to run everything we have on something else. We are a smart country. Figure it out. Solar power, wind, or electricity. We will no longer rely on foreign oil in this country. EVER! This isn’t an idea, it will be a policy put forth to force this country away from oil. As this one will be a hard to pass, there will be complete coverage of any discussions between all parties involved, so that elected officials cannot be misquoted and can be held accountable for their actions. This coverage will continue for all important bills that effect the American people so heavily. I.E. Health Care, jobs, and taxes. The people have the right to know what is going on behind closed doors. We work for them, not the other way around. Our current President vowed to do this, but didn’t. As your President, I will.

Most importantly, I will NEVER lie or mislead the American public, just to look good. If the DJIA goes up during my Presidency, and I had nothing to do with it, I won’t act like I did. Conversely, if someone claims I am at fault for something I am not, I will not stand by and act politically correct. In the REAL world, if you question a man’s integrity, you better be prepared to put up or shut up. The time for being polite is OVER. It’s time for an overhaul in D.C.

Although, this is only a short list of things that need to be addressed, I will wrap this up with one last point. I have no dirt on me. I’ve smoked weed. Big deal. I’ve cheated on girlfriends. Shocker. I’ve been arrested for driving with a suspended license. Oh, the humanity. All they have on me is the lack of experience card. I say, in the REAL world, they are the ones with the lack of experience. Just know this, the only way that I can actually be President, is if the 90% stop thinking that only a member of the 10%, knows what’s best for them. Until then, we will continue to flounder as a country. Step up America. I’m your guy.

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3 thoughts on “Why I Should Be President of the United States

  1. OK, I have to admit you make more sense than any of the other bozos running for office. However, that being said I respecfully disagree of your child support / alimony views. Two people make a baby, two people should support that baby. The mother should NOT be able to leave the state without relisquishing her support. As far as alimony goes, many times the wife is home working part time and caring for the childres. It’s not her fault her husband decides to start banging his 25 year old secretary. Just sayin 😉

    1. Let me be clear. I believe a woman deserves child support and/or alimony. I just don’t believe in the amounts “some” men are required to pay. I know it would have to be on a case by case basis. However, the whole “half” thing is bologna. There needs to be limits on it. If a man making $100,000 a year, he can certainly pay more than enough in child support for his children, so why should a guy who makes twice as much, have to pay twice as much. The 2K per month the first guy pays, is more than enough. Second dude doesn’t need to pay 4k. Moreover, Tiger was a scumbag cheater, but his wife doesn’t deserve 300 million. That’s ridiculous.

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