Leave Santa Alone, Literally.

Christmas-Tree-Fireplace-1024-127315So, the holiday season is upon us, and it has brought us to another edition of “Political Correctness Gone Amock.”

Without fail, December arrives and another handful of jackasses feel the need to take advantage of a society afraid to offend anyone. Bitching and moaning about Christmas and Santa Clause, because it’s not what THEY believe. This is most commonly seen in schools, who constantly cave to these whiners to show that they are sensitive to the feelings of all people. Not allowing the exchanging of gifts between students, and forbidding any and all things representative of the most popular and widely celebrated holiday IN THE WORLD!

As an atheist, most people would call me a hypocrite for celebrating Christmas. I, as well as many other atheists I know, love Christmas. It’s the shit, especially if you have kids. Seeing the look in their eyes when they come down to a living room filled with gifts. Watching all the holiday specials for an entire month. Driving around looking at decorated houses, and getting their picture taken with the big guy himself, Santa. Why would I want to take that away from my children? I was just like them when I was a kid, and I still grew up to be an athiest. You know why? Because when a kid is still young enough to believe in Santa, he doesn’t give two shits about the REAL meaning of Christmas. Mainly because Jesus isn’t putting toys under the tree.

And isn’t that what Christmas is really all about now anyway? With all due respect to the believers of the world, Christmas is about being with your family, getting gifts for the ones we love, and enjoying the innocence of a child who still believes in an imaginary person named Jesus, er uh, I mean Santa. Sorry, sometimes sarcasm gets the best of me.

I know that the basis for Christmas is obviously religious, but that ship sailed a long time ago. Although most aspects of it have some connection to the birth of Christ, it has truly become all about Santa and commercialization. That, in my opinion, is the single biggest bullet that “Christmas people” have in their gun, if they want to take it back, and stop all this politically correct bullshit. Listen closely, because this could work.

It’s sad that the atheist is pointing this out, but most Christian historians are in agreement that Jesus was NOT born on December 25th. So, give that date up, pick a more accurate one, likely in September, and let Santa have the holiday to himself. This would then make the holiday a non religious one. Then the minority could not only stop complaining, but could actually participate. How great would it be if EVERY kid in the world could enjoy this experience? No trying to be careful what you say around someone for fear of offending them.

Of course the one big problem with this idea is coming up with a name that would be accepted. I admit, this might be difficult. Keeping the name the same would be great, but as long as Christ is in the name, people would still complain. I have no viable suggestions, but seeing we all know how commercialized it is, there is no reason that a big add agency can’t sit down and come up with a winner.

The sooner we get on this the better. I’m all for a separation of church and state, but in this case I think we need a separation of church and great. Great being the greatest holiday EVER! If people truly want this day to be left alone, than Jesus needs to assume his REAL day and Santa needs to be allowed to stand alone. Until then, the 1% will continue to control this season. And don’t they seem to control enough already. Oh wait, that’s a different 1%. Merry Giftsmas everybody. 😉

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