Why do people care about the Kardashians?

Why can’t a great offense beat a great defense? (Rhetorical)

Why am I willing to die or kill for my family?

Why are NBA players too stupid to realize they’re ruining the league?

Why do politicians do things they KNOW are not good for the country?

Why can’t gay couples get married?

Why is marijuana illegal?

Why is sex the only thing not allowed outside the marriage?

Why can’t I win the lottery?

Why can’t someone close to me win the lottery?

Why can’t someone close enough to loan me 20k win the lottery? πŸ˜‰

Why can’t I just win 20k? LOL

Why did I ever leave Boston?

Why do people still believe in God?

Why did the Red Sox fire Tito?

Why are Max and Ruby always home alone?

Why does hip hop suck now?

Why did they make the last Indiana Jones movie? Aliens? Really?

Why did Bob Burr never make the pros?

Why DID Doug Flutie make the pros?

Why are my Dad and I so philosophically opposed?

Why was Mr. Armour so cool?

Why was Brian Cookson such a dick to me in high school?

Why, when I became twice his size, was he no longer a dick? Hmmmm

Why did Julie Harlow have to die?

Why does a child’s laugh warm the heart so much?

Why are people STILL racist?

Why can’t an average Joe become President?

Why do less than 5% of my friends share or retweet my blog? What up wit dat?

Why does Goofy talk, but Pluto doesn’t?

Why is the dog the only animal that doesn’t talk on Word World?

Why doesn’t Dora just kill Swiper? Problem solved!

Wally. Wally. It’s not watchu think.

Why do we hate LeBron? Nevermind, I know that one. πŸ˜‰

Why are Texas drivers soooooooo bad?

Why do Americans only care about themselves?

Why does anyone think that Puffy can act?

Why can’t someone knock Kanye West out? PLEASE!!!!!

Why did the sequel to The Italian Job never get made?

Why can’t we stop using gas?

Why have we not figured out cold fusion yet?

Why do I believe that I will never die?

Why did the Patriots end up with the greatest QB of all time?

Why do I love maple sugar candy so much?

Why is Casey Anthony free?

Why does a doctor take the fall for Michael Jackson being crazy?

Why does Lindsey Lohan get so many chances?

Why do I absolutely hate beets?

Why do I absolutely love beats?

Why is Coke #1 in the world, but #2 in America?

Why didn’t I buy Google stock in 1998?

Why didn’t I take high school more seriously?

Why did I enjoy this blog so much?

Published by jwc

Just my thoughts on whatever has my attention.

6 thoughts on “WHY?????

  1. The question that I most want an answer to is number one. Why DO people care about the Kardashians? I’ve been trying to figure this one out for quite some time. Another thing I’m curious about is why there are locks on 24 hour stores.

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