It Matters. Trust Me.


I have always believed that everything you do and say, is an indication of the person you are, as well as the person that others see. Everything from the shows you watch, the clothes you wear, the music you enjoy, to the friends you choose, the opinions you have, and the words you speak. All of these things, along with many others, contribute to the image you have of yourself. More importantly, they are 100% responsible for the image that others have of you, and that is important. You can say that it isn’t, but make no mistake about it, we are all concerned about our image in some form or fashion. The real question is, what parts of your image do you actually care about, and which ones mean nothing?

I would say that most people probably have no concern what others think about their music choices, or their taste in clothing. Yeah sure, some people do, but most adults find these things to be arbitrary. We feel as though each person has their own likes and dislikes, and therefore things like these do not hold a lot of weight as it relates to our opinion of someone. In all honesty, unless you are just a total asshole, you probably do not let things that are based on personal preference, have any effect on your opinion of someone. That’s good. That’s the way it should be.

However, there are certain things that we do or say that have a significant impact on the image we project. Some are positive, and some are negative. When people find out that you donate blood once a month, that’s a positive. When people find out that you fly the Confederate flag, that’s likely a negative. When people find out that you advocate for gay Americans, that’s a positive. When people find out that you’re voting for Donald Trump, that’s a negative. At least to most of the world. When you smile a lot and are nice to strangers, that’s a positive. When you always look miserable and act like a dick, that is a big negative.

I know I’m being redundant, but there are a ton of things that contribute to another persons impression of you, but the simple fact is that we are ALL judged by the choices we make, and the things we say. Furthermore, we ALL judge people in the same way. It is what it is. However, there is one extremely simple, but immensely important thing that people do every day that causes others to judge them very quickly, and it’s ALWAYS negative. That one thing………bad grammar.

You never notice someone’s grammar until it’s bad. Unless they write like friggin’ Shakespeare, but that’s rare. Otherwise, people just read what you write and move on. Not if your grammar is bad though. They might not want to point it out to you, like I would, but believe me when I say, they notice it. The question is, what do they think? I know for me there are only 2 things that come to mind. Person X has no command of the English language, or they don’t care.

If you fall into the first category, I implore you to NEVER comment on anything of real substance on social media. Whenever I am in a comment thread that is discussing an important topic (Marriage equality, Politics, Religion, etc.), there is no better way to be tuned out faster by those you are debating, than to have bad grammar. Furthermore, if you are trying to take the unpopular side of the debate, you have just given everyone else a golden ticket to ridicule you. Why would anyone listen to the ramblings of some bozo who doesn’t even know the difference between your & you’re? Smarten up. Turn off your tv for an hour every night, and READ. You’ll be amazed at how much that will help you. If that’s too difficult, learn how the hell to use spell check. It’s easy. You know all those red squiggly lines under some of your words? That’s your computer trying to save you from looking like a jackass. Right click on the word and the pop-up screen will give you the proper spelling. It’s amazing. 😉

The second category is the one I feel more people fall into. In my opinion, this one is worse. The ‘I don’t care’ group. Maybe you had a tough life coming up. Maybe you’re just not that smart. There are several reasons why an individual may just have bad grammar, but choosing to not care about your grammar, on a public forum, is just plain stupid. Is the opinion you wish to express on social media so important, and time sensitive, that you can’t take an extra fucking minute to re-read it, and correct any mistakes before you hit send? Let me answer that for you……..NO! So why can’t you do it? Let me answer that one for you too………YOU’RE LAZY.

You expect people to respect the opinions you have, or the comments you make, but you don’t have enough respect to write like a grown up. There are a lot of things I do in my life that establish the image that others have of me. I’m sure some are negative, but one thing I will not do is let other people think for one single second that I am fucking stupid. Believe me, that’s what it does. It makes people think, likely for more than one second, that you’re a fucking moron. All because ‘you don’t care’. That’s just dumb.

I often wonder whether it is worse to be thought an idiot, or to be so mindless that you don’t care if people think you’re a fucking imbecile. If I’m going to be thought an idiot, it damn sure is going to be because of the opinion I have, and not because of the complete inability to express that opinion in proper English. Use capital letters. Use proper punctuation. Most importantly, spell the fucking words correctly. I can’t tell you how often I am saying something on social media, and I get to a word that I am not completely sure how to spell correctly. I immediately hit google voice, and say the word. Low and behold, there it is. Spelled all properly and shit. IT IS FUCKING EASY!!!!!! Just do it. Otherwise, just continue to live in your lovely bubble of blissful ignorance, while those around you continue to believe you are unintelligent. Even those closest to you. It won’t stop me from liking you, but it will most definitely make me reconsider whether your opinion is meaningful to me.

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